Thursday, January 21, 2010

sempena tahun baru yg telah tiba..dh nak abis pon bulan satu..hehehe

i do have my own new resolution for this year..well, my new resolutions are:

a) i want to build my own house(but the plan is not approved yet)

b) to have bigger pay coz need to pay for my house that will be build..InsyaAllah this year..please pray for me,k..huhu

c) still in 'compatible mate' achieve all stated above , I need courage and sometime im not sure what im going to do..and that is the biggest obstacle for me to improve in my life..but , anyhow i would like to try..I hope that everything is going to be better and better..

not forgetting i love my family and my friends..without "them" im 'NOTHING'..luv u guysss..muaahhhh...


  1. setahun menghilang..
    boh lamak lak sik hapdet kak tok deng oi
    polah rumah k aku juak bet

  2. lyn..mok ku molah rmh ko ko..modal masalah tu..hahaha..ko intbiu apa lynn..