Thursday, November 12, 2009


these few days, my site is very busy..coz im the one who responsible in roadwork..due to a lot of underground cable crossing i have to be careful in digging the road coz i afraid it might damage the underground cable and i'll be blamed bcoz of that..OMG, as additional..recently the weather is not that good and a lot of work have been delayed coz of that..As a consequences, my "kepalak" sakit liao..but, anyway i'll take this as a challenge that i have to face..i'll be strong then..hehehehe...and also, i met this one chinese guy and he is cute..he talked to me in mandarin asking my name and i consider it as a sweet moment..hahaha(besa la xda gerek tok)..ok for now..see u all then...from me..mmmuahhh..luv u


  1. gik bet..paksa ko masuk kelas mandarin kak tok..ahaha

  2. tedah org sik begerek bet nanyak nama pun alu nak feeling..

  3. lynn: yalah..aku nak masok klas mandarin agik tok so, ill improve..dpt ku ngaco jejaka china
    sue: besa la ya sue..hahahaa..aku....sedang ingin bercinta aih...