Monday, May 27, 2013

about him

Hai and Assalamualaikum,

Me again..well.. today im going to talk bout 'him' again. You can say that i am crazy or what so ever coz i really mad bout him right now..hahaha..It feels like my "LIKE" button in my heart was poked hardly to think bout him lately. The first time when I met him was in 2004. I can say that love at first sight..hahahaha.. And it grows from time to time and I've sent him a lot of regards whenever my friend went to class that time.. As for me, I wasnt serious that time coz, I want to concentrate on my study..DAAAA..Hahahaha. He only knew that the one who always send him the regards went we completed our study and asking me why didnt I told him earlier..Hahaha..Okay. I hope sumthing interesting to be happened soon.
And now I think this is the right time, I hope..(^ ^) ..Well, pray for me guys..

P/s: Dear "him"... I pray so that u will realize soon and contact me, k..


Its me

Friday, May 24, 2013

hai and Assalamualaikum.. i am back after more than 1 year i much to talk about but now i am going to talk about 'him'.. I kinda like this guy for quite some time but im not sure bout my feelings towards him before but now i am 3o and i am pretty sure that i have sumthing towards him.i dont think that he knows bout this.. I hope one day he realizes that.. Dear My Org Sungai, I hope u will understand how I feel towards u all these while and I do hope there is a chance for me.. 

Just me..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

to invite or not to invite..mmmm

i have this plan with my besties nieza. she said her bf does not like our plan so he is not going to join us. by the way, i have been thinking of inviting that 'someone' to go but i do not know whether he is willing to or not..naaaaa. i am very sure 'he' likes this kind of event and i will try to invite him. its up for him to make his decision then..if YES then i am happy, if NOT try again next time..hahaha...i wish he decides to join us..;D

me again ;p

E for blurr

hai guys,
usually we speak english at our workplace rite esp if there are different races of collegue. today, my subcon told me that, he is going to cast at class E area. Then i walkie talkie my collegue regarding this matter.Unfortunately, my collegue wrongly heard me and thought that we are going to cast class D instead of Class i repeat,E for Apple(with English pronounciation), then when i think about it again, malay will say EPAL not APPLE..and we ended up laughing time E is for ...cannot think the things that started with E..hoho


Sunday, October 30, 2011

i "love" my job

hai, me again..i,ve been striving this few years to find a new job but i failed. there is many reason of me doing this:
1. i am not satisfied with my salary (of course). i have about 4 years experience by now, and the reason i've been rejected in several interviews was my gender. in this engineering world, man is domain party to control this streamline of work.
2. i hardly apply for housing loan with my range of salary right now.
3. it seems that my workload increasing and not my salary..(hoho)

but still i "love" my job bcoz, i use the income from my current job to pay everything in my life since last 4 years and i am grateful for that. However, i will try my very best to have a better life and in order to have a better life i need to seek a job with better a pay. i hope my wish comes true..Ya Allah, i know dat U answers our prayers in 3 ways:

1. He says yes and gives what u want
2. He says no and gives u something better
3. He says wait & gives u the best.

So,i will fight until the end coz life is a battle field.

p/s: pray for me guys..thanks a lot.xoxo

Saturday, October 29, 2011

he's the one..

actually, i do secretly admire someone. if i am not mistaken, i started to like him from 2008 until now. i think that he knew it already.i do mind but there is nothing i can do bout it. it started when i first saw him at this particular place and i fall for him straight away. and he is so cool coz i like guy who does not talk a lot. when i am with him, i feel like i lost my words..i dont know what to say, it just happen to be like that. i wish i can talk a lot of things with him, but sometimes, i cannot even say hi if i meet him..but, deep down in my heart i adore him very much. Of course he is not perfect, but i like him a lot. Ya Allah, if he is the one for me, just make it real and if it is not for me, make him away from me..Amiin.

my SESCO interview..(T_T)

hai everyone.. i did my sesco interview last week. and i failed my interview. i am sad, but when i think about it again, at least i had experienced interviewed by foreign interviewer. and i have tried my best to pass the interview. my friend Awg said that, maybe it was not my time to be employed in sesco.he asked me to try again next time.he believed that God has plan for us. and thanks to him, if not i'll not recover from my frustration this soon. i have really wanted to have a better pay so i'll settle my problem of having my own home. i am tired of living in a rental house and plan of buying a new house for me and for my family. Ya Allah, i hope i can get a new job with a better salary soon..amiin..

me again..