Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Alhamdulillah kpd Allah yg Maha Pengasih dan Penyayang..

Just to share something with all of going to new project soon and it is in Kuching..=p..I'm glad but at the same time, i feel sad about my current project becoz my current project is going to complete soon and i love to finish my job here first b4 i go anywhere but i believe everything happen for a reason and thinking bout that i must be grateful anyway..I hope my next project will bring a lot of happiness to me..But the important thing is, i can be with my family afterall..U know, during study period..i have to live away from my family and its time for me to be with them..When i think bout that, actually I dont have a lot of time spent with my family so far..Again, I know there some reasons for that..and I want to be a grateful person in my life..Well, I love my life and im hoping the same for 'U' guys..

p/s: learn to be a grateful person..=p


  1. 5 thn diam d sekolah sains
    3 thn d samarahan itm
    3thn molah degree d shah alam
    2thn d tebeduk

    pehhh nang belom ada tak diam d umah oo.
    maka harus kita melengkapkan singles d kch tok.hehe

  2. ya lah za owh..bila d pike2 kmk nang xda d rumah la..membesar d luar rumah..sedeh ada juak..but, at the same time im glad for who i am today..kan? dan benar kata mu itu, let completed our unfinish business as a single i come..hahahaha