Thursday, January 28, 2010

new project ...BIGGER PAY..mmMmm

assalamualaikum and good morning to everyone..V(*v*)V

yesterday was our site meeting where everyone gathered at site office to have discussion towards our on going project including my Boss..hehehe..well, since our new project is going to start soon, i have something on my mind..i've been thinking of having BIGGER PAY..OMG..sorry. its not that im asking too much..just wanna have salary equivalent with my level of education..huhu..AND, i spoke out my mind to my is the dialogue between me and My Boss..(OMG)

My Boss: there is new apple iPhone (whatever..i dont know what is that actually) and we have
budget for it.. ( and my mind start to think if that is for everyone but i dont care about
dat much..there is other thing that I care more which is Bigger Pay..of course)
Me: Is it? Is that possible we have bigger pay for our new project? (OMG, I dont know
where got The strength to ask this question..)
My Boss: Dont worry..WE've discussed bout it.. (WE= my boss and another big Boss)..Of Course
u'll get higher salary because u already have experience for two years.
Me: If that so...THANK U MR. *a* ( name needs to keep as a secret for some reasons)...
(with a wide smile, i went away to the site..hihihihihi)

I hope everything is going to be just like what I've imagined..I'll pray for that until I get it..Amiin..Please pray for me friends...Thank u..

p/s: to get something from someone, u need to say it loud bcoz nobody knows what do u want
until u speak out ur mind..(+) good attitude towards whatever u're in....V(*v*)V..chaiyok..


  1. bet..leh lah cia mkn tok mun gaji nait.. hehe..

  2. ok, i'll learn to speak my mind out loud kelak..heheh alu kenak alo boss..bukan setakat gaji sikpat, keja pun alu kenak buang..hahahha
    *sponsor old town please!

  3. sue: boleh aja..doa jak gaji ku nait..k
    lynn: boleh lynn..doa jak benar gaji ku nait k..hehehe..

  4. bestnya!!!

    mudahan mena bet dapat open table makan seafood.yahuuuu

  5. yalah za..semoga moga kmk dpt nait table ku..hihihi