Friday, January 29, 2010

craving for SUSHI ROLLS..mmm

assalamualaikum and evening everyone..

today is rainy day in tebedu, so me n my colleague deborah are feeling bored because we cannot have a walk at site..every evening, we will go for jogging or playing badminton to keep fit but today we totally cannot doing all of that for some reasons..

jogging at stadium - cannot, because of rainy days
playing badminton - also cannot, because every friday evening , police officers will be using the badminton hall..
As a consequences, we've been thinking of making sushi rolls..eventhough i try not to take carbohydrate, but today i will..hahaha..(i dont care..but i do care..huhu..just consume a little..hehe)..

but, there is no seaweed at tebedu..huhu..we have to go to serian to buy..anyway after this we will "fly" to serian(just to get seaweed..can u imagine)..weehooo

ok..see ya..

p/s: if u want something..go for it..if u think u can, u can(mesti ktk org dh biasa nenga quote ya nak but that quote helped me to pass my physic during diploma..FOR REAL)

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