Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Mission Accomplished..hehehe

Assalamualaikum and evening everyone..=p

just want to share with u guys..our mission to have SUSHI ROLLS accomplished..just after 5.00pm, me and deborah went to Serian to buy seaweed(where we dont have here in tebedu)..

After that, we buy some ingredients to make our sushi roll tastier..

The ingredients are:

1. Hot dog

2. carrot

3. soy sauce

4. sugar

5. salt



8. egg

we start to do our sushi rolls at 7.00pm while watching "The ultimate Crime fighter"(such a good on ch 708 at 7.00 pm weekdays)..then the result is ...Tadaaa...

(look not so nice but the taste is quite ok..we will try to do better next time ;p)

ok..its already late..just now, we were playing badminton to makesure that the calories that we take equivalent with the calories that we burn..hehe..ok..see u all next time..muah..muah..

p/s: sushi rolls are tastier with wasabi but where to done


  1. yarabi..nyaman lok upanya..
    adoh ey.. maok juak ncoba tapi sik tauk gney..
    tolong polah cgek california roll cgek dgn aku bet..ingin tok..thank u!

  2. boleh bah lynn..nunggu aku carik resepi nya lok k..hehehe