Monday, February 1, 2010


Assalamualaikum and evening to everyone..

Today is monday..This morning, my eyes seem cannot be open..But my little cutie Abg Ajiq (my nephew) woke me up..He said..Bobet(my petname), i forced myself to wake up..Anyway, I had to go to to Tebedu(where my project is) early in the morning..huhu..need to drive so early and a long journey..huhu..How i wish I have a driver to drive me all the way to tebedu..hahaha..(I wish)..

What can I say, MONDAY is the "BEST"..hehehe..sumtime..maybe..ok..
need to go for cutting down my fat..hahahaha..Im going to play badminton with my colleague..

see you soon guys..

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