Friday, February 19, 2010

abang kastam..;p

Assalamualaikum and morning guys..

Today, i want to share something about this "abg kastam"..hehehe.. Anyway, as u guys know that im working in tebedu for two years already (since 2008), i've never meet any attractive guys BUT when me and my fren deborah(who is also my colleague) decide to jog at stadium in tebedu,(since i want cut down my fat..hahaha) we meet this two guys...OMG..they are so HOT..and from that day, me and deborah start to find out who are them..We went to police station, their car was not there..then we went to clinic, also not there..So, we just let it be..But, we always meet them at stadium..After wondering for quite a long time, at last ..(i cant remember the exact day)..we met them during breakfast at one of our fav spot to eat at border area..And then, they are wearing custome uniform..From there, we knew that they are custome officer..GOTCHA..Its a relieves..hehehe..but, why must meeting them after two years and my project is going to complete soon..Owh No Not Again..Ok, i'll consider it as a "pencuci mata"..hehehe..HIDUP ABG KASTAM..

ok then,,see u guys in the next post..=)


i wonder, is dat hard to meet our Mr. Right? Mmmmm(sigh)


  1. ya kau lambat bettttt...
    terpaksa kau mintak balit ke tebedu nun..
    eksen ko lalu2 opis kastam tiap ari..mesti nya akan saspek. hahha

  2. lynn..lmbat li ku reply..anyway..mun aku slalu lalu, nya akan suspek, tp nya suspek org indon xda legal pas..hahaha