Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i think im falling for you..hehehe

Assalamualaikum everyone..and morning..

last few weeks, my grandpa got accident while cycling in my hometown Simunjan..they said, the car driver drives his car too fast..anyway, im not there and i dont know the truth..but my grandpa was seriously injured when his 6 years ago implant (artificial blood vessel) raptured and there are no specialist in kuching to do this kind of operation..so, the on call doctor that day, gave us explaination bout that and options giving to us got the same ending which is ...well i dont want to say that word..(when life machine sounding..tuuuuuuuuttttt..i think u know what does it means, rite?huhu) ..the options are whether we just do the operation(we have only 1% chance) or let my granpa tuuuuuuttt peacefully by giving morphin(actually i dont really understand that..huhu)...and we dont decide what to do until the next morning, other doctors willing to do the operation and they will try their best(there is a hope..Alhamdulillah)..The operation is going well..


my grandpa become better and better rite now, and i met this young doctor..he is not handsome and look kind of nerdy..but i dont know, for me, he is cute, kind and clean..i like his character..hoho..i think im falling for him..hahaha..he is a chinese guy..and we already become facebook friend..ok..i dont know what to write anymore..thanks for reading..just to share my feeling here..mmmm..i taste sweet in bitter..pa jak la tek nak..hahaha..jumpa lagi..muah2

p/s: remember, dont be sad if you have a problem..coz, if u practise patient in handling your problems, InsyaAllah u'll get a way out..Amiin..


  1. mun mena jd tak 2..tepaksa suruh nya muang helment nya bet..haha.. ;p

  2. haha..neyda..i ask him to keep it..ada helmet baruk rasa selamat..hahaha..Astaghrafirullahallazim..

  3. dah la cina..go go bet!
    ku sokong jak...eheh

  4. thank u lynn..hahaha..mesti anak ku jadi doktor juak kelak..aku ras infatuation jak ya lynn..haha..

  5. ada award k kau bet.. ambik nun dari blog aku

  6. aku nak ambik..tp aku x pandei ambil lynn..hahaha..ginei nak mindah award ya ke blog aku?