Wednesday, March 17, 2010

abang kastam..second part..=)

Assalamualaikum and afternoon to everybody...

Here, i'll continue my abang kastam story..hahaha.. this morning, me and my friends having our breakfast at usual place..Then, i ordered mi kolok goreng for my santapan..very the delicious..yummy2..but the quantity was too much until i want to bloat up..In the middle of our breakfast, there were some guys coming and sat beside our of them was abang kastam ahakz...OK..As what my friends Fieza and Nieza (who are also blogger tegar) adviced (to smile to abang kastam when i meet him again),I tried to smile but my smile end up like SENYUM KAMBING..hahaha..then, abang kastam smiling back at me and laughed a little..His laugh seems to me like asking me this...Do you always smile like that? my smile seems funny to him..Ok..I'll try my best to smile, after this, do not hold your smile coz it is bad..huhuhu..

p/s: SENYUMAN ITU SATU SEDEKAH..So just smile..=)


  1. senyum gik kelak bet boh dtahan2.

  2. hahhahah bedebus ku tetak..
    ada jodoh lah ya bet..
    geram ku nak ndiat sapalah abg kastam kau ya...
    itok ku..
    hahaahhah senyum kambing..

  3. lawak da jak kau..

  4. fieza:lom dpt kmk senyum benar ko..supan nyawaku..hahaha
    lynn:abg kastam ku ya kiut aje..haha..mun dpt ku curi2 ambik gamba nya..ahakz..
    sue: bukan lawa sue..supan...kmk nakka penyupan..hahahaha