Saturday, October 29, 2011

i'm not that IT person..sigh

It's not that i'm not interested in software or whatsoever, it just that, i dont have ample time to go through all of these high tech. gadgets..OMG..when everyone start talking about phone for example, i can only relates phone to SMS,MMS,bluetooth and call buttons. I envy people with this kind of knowledge. i feel like living in Paleolitic or Neolitic period. I am tired of not knowing what people conversing about phone..Androids and whatsoever, making my mind blur..hoho..i think i should have my first bb coz most of my besties using bb and they are very aware of these kind of technology.sometimes, they talked bout twitter where i found it awesome and i dont have the account..even, my page, i mean my blog is still simple as before coz i dont know how to change blog to be good to be viewed..

just me..sigh

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