Saturday, October 29, 2011

my SESCO interview..(T_T)

hai everyone.. i did my sesco interview last week. and i failed my interview. i am sad, but when i think about it again, at least i had experienced interviewed by foreign interviewer. and i have tried my best to pass the interview. my friend Awg said that, maybe it was not my time to be employed in sesco.he asked me to try again next time.he believed that God has plan for us. and thanks to him, if not i'll not recover from my frustration this soon. i have really wanted to have a better pay so i'll settle my problem of having my own home. i am tired of living in a rental house and plan of buying a new house for me and for my family. Ya Allah, i hope i can get a new job with a better salary soon..amiin..

me again..

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