Saturday, October 29, 2011

he's the one..

actually, i do secretly admire someone. if i am not mistaken, i started to like him from 2008 until now. i think that he knew it already.i do mind but there is nothing i can do bout it. it started when i first saw him at this particular place and i fall for him straight away. and he is so cool coz i like guy who does not talk a lot. when i am with him, i feel like i lost my words..i dont know what to say, it just happen to be like that. i wish i can talk a lot of things with him, but sometimes, i cannot even say hi if i meet him..but, deep down in my heart i adore him very much. Of course he is not perfect, but i like him a lot. Ya Allah, if he is the one for me, just make it real and if it is not for me, make him away from me..Amiin.

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