Friday, April 8, 2011

brand new home

Assalamualaikum and very good morning long after the previous fact, i dont have ample time to share my story here..huhu..anyway, now i have a house but it is a rental one..i really want my own house..mmm(sigh)..actually, i found a land...good location anyway..and my father really like the idea of building our own house on the land.but then, after a year striving to do all the things and all the preparation from zero until i got my new house plan, the barrier to make it real is one thing, the most important thing..FUND atau pendek kata dana to buy the land and to build the house.well, it is not an easy process to get everything approved. then with limited source(salary) muahaha, my dream seems to be a real dream.but still, i will work harder to make my dream comes true..pray for me guys..i'll think a way..amiin

p/s: i believe, when you work harder plus a lot of prayer to God, u'll achieve your dream..;)

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