Monday, May 27, 2013

about him

Hai and Assalamualaikum,

Me again..well.. today im going to talk bout 'him' again. You can say that i am crazy or what so ever coz i really mad bout him right now..hahaha..It feels like my "LIKE" button in my heart was poked hardly to think bout him lately. The first time when I met him was in 2004. I can say that love at first sight..hahahaha.. And it grows from time to time and I've sent him a lot of regards whenever my friend went to class that time.. As for me, I wasnt serious that time coz, I want to concentrate on my study..DAAAA..Hahahaha. He only knew that the one who always send him the regards went we completed our study and asking me why didnt I told him earlier..Hahaha..Okay. I hope sumthing interesting to be happened soon.
And now I think this is the right time, I hope..(^ ^) ..Well, pray for me guys..

P/s: Dear "him"... I pray so that u will realize soon and contact me, k..


Its me

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