Thursday, October 15, 2009

(holiday mood)..i love holiday

akum and slm sejahtera guys..well, as usual for other person, saturday is their holiday but for me it is working 6 days a week ( mcm la org lain sekda tek nak..hehehe..whatever) is friday but i feel like going home already.. i cannot wait for saturday to heart is in kuching but not my body..why must tebedu? but i believe everything happens for a reason (bak kata nieza) .anyway, i hope after my tebedu project is completed, i'll be in santubong project(mun ada rezeki la..hehe..amiin)..coz being far away from family is one of the hardest part in my life..huhuhu..if it is in kuching i'll call everyday as a holiday coz seeing family is a holiday for me..(lamak2 tok mun keja mesti d hanta ke tempat jauh2)..and also, i cannot hang out wiv my frens..(enjoy lat ek..besa la jiwa single tok..hehehe)..ok..i love u?(tepuk dada tanya selera)..layanNN..ZaaSssss..

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