Sunday, October 30, 2011

i "love" my job

hai, me again..i,ve been striving this few years to find a new job but i failed. there is many reason of me doing this:
1. i am not satisfied with my salary (of course). i have about 4 years experience by now, and the reason i've been rejected in several interviews was my gender. in this engineering world, man is domain party to control this streamline of work.
2. i hardly apply for housing loan with my range of salary right now.
3. it seems that my workload increasing and not my salary..(hoho)

but still i "love" my job bcoz, i use the income from my current job to pay everything in my life since last 4 years and i am grateful for that. However, i will try my very best to have a better life and in order to have a better life i need to seek a job with better a pay. i hope my wish comes true..Ya Allah, i know dat U answers our prayers in 3 ways:

1. He says yes and gives what u want
2. He says no and gives u something better
3. He says wait & gives u the best.

So,i will fight until the end coz life is a battle field.

p/s: pray for me guys..thanks a lot.xoxo

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